Pakistan condemns Pulwama massacre

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Urges UN body to order CoI into Kashmir killings

 Pakistan condemns Pulwama massacre

Rising Kashmir Desk

Srinagar, Dec 15:

 Condemning the killings of 10 Kashmiris at the hands of government forces in south Kashmir’s Pulwama district, Islamabad Saturday called on the United Nations Human Rights Office of the High Commissioner to order a Commission of Inquiry (CoI) into Kashmiri killings.
Pakistan Foreign Minister, Shah Mahmood Qureshi tweeted, “Pakistan strongly condemns the blood bath by Indian occupation forces martyring 14 innocent Kashmiris and injuring more than 200 in #Pulwama today. Internet has been suspended to prevent the human rights abuses from reaching the world. #PulwamaMassacre.”
Calling for a probe into Kashmir killings at the hands of government forces, the Pakistan Foreign Minister said, “We reiterate our call for urgent establishment of the #OHCHR COI (Commission of Inquiry). The champions of human rights should prevail upon #India to stop its double speak and put an immediate halt to the Kashmiri genocide. #PulwamaMassacre.”


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