‘Govt cares for displaced KPs, not those living in Kashmir’

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M T Rasool

Ajar (Bandipora), Nov 08:

Accusing “outsiders” of politicising and commercialising their suffering, the community of displaced Kashmiri Pandits here in Bandipora said Government of India (GoI) and State government should pay attention to them instead of pushing them to the wall.
Kashmiri Pandits in Ajar area of Bandipora alleged that consecutive governments in and outside Kashmir were more inclined to displaced Pandits who had a “hidden plan” and were ignoring those who prefer to stay in Kashmir besides amid disturbed political situation.
“We are being pushed to the wall as we are hanging on to our cultural ethos and preferred to stay in Kashmir, while others who follow a plan are being praised and admired,” said Bal Krishan of Ajar. “We will never leave Kashmir.”
Over 20 families of Kashmiri Pandits preferred to stay put in many areas of Bandipora when most of their relatives fled outside Kashmir in early 1990s.
All the Kashmiri Pandit families claim they were living happily with their Muslim neighbours who always took care for their needs.
Stating that their sufferings were being politicized and commercialized, Krishan said they were being punished for not migrating from Kashmir and were facing hardships both in and outside Kashmir.
Krishan, a retired forest employee, said he was living safely among the Muslims and had married off his nine siblings only with the help of Muslim neighbours.
Questioning the government process of establishing camps for displaced Kashmiri Pandits, the local Pandits said, “What is the purpose of setting up camps for displaced Pandits who just come to grab government jobs in Kashmir.”
Chaman Lal, a member of Sharda Simitti Kaloosa, said, “We are unattended and unrepresented, our link roads, transmission lines and even water pipes have never been repaired.”
In absence of any government help, locals Pandits pin hopes on the help and care of local Muslims, who according to them, always arrive to help them whenever needed.
“The government ignored us, but Muslim brethren in our neighborhood never let us down,” Rajesh Koul said.
Chaman Lal urged the displaced Kashmiri Pandits to return and defeat the miscreants who were politicizing the sufferings of Pandits.


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