Mass marriage of 105 couples held in Srinagar

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‘Thousands of women between 25 to 35 years of age in Kashmir waiting to get married’

Mass marriage of 105 couples held in Srinagar

Riyaz Bhat

Srinagar, July 15:

 A mass marriage ceremony of 105 couples from various districts of the Valley was Sunday conducted here at Amar Singh Club in Srinagar.
This was the 4th grand marriage organised by Jaffri Council of Jammu and Kashmir.
“We started conducting a survey of the couples from March 2014 in every district before starting or helping the poor families for marriage and from the survey we found that thousands of women between 25 to 35 years of age in Kashmir are waiting to get married,” Jaffri Council of Jammu and Kashmir General Secretary, Ghulam Rasool said.
He said the council had helped 38 couples get married in the year 2015, 70 in 2016, 75 in 2017 and 105 this year.
“The couples either belonged to very poor families or were orphans who were not able to get married,” Rasool said.
He said this time they conducted the marriage of 105 couples but had got requests from over 150 couples who wanted to get married through them.
“Apart from the couples from the Jaffri sect, there were more than 12 couples from Sunni sect as well,” Rasool said. “We are giving 41 important items to each bride for their marriage and a traditional dress for the groom.”
Syed Afroza, a bride, said such marriages reducing the unnecessary formalities and trends could help the poor and orphan who keep waiting to get married for a long time.
“My family was not able to get me married like other people because we are very poor and have not that much of income to have an unnecessary grand reception,” she said. “Being Muslims, we need to follow the principles of Islam which also forbid Bidats.”
Afroza said there thousands of girls were not getting married only because of the dowry system which could be controlled by simple marriages.
One of the grooms, Mehraj Ali said, “I am very happy with this event because such initiatives are helping the poor and orphans who keep waiting to get married.”
He said such marriages reduce many unnecessary formalities like dowry, grand reception and exchange of gold ornaments.
“The government should also encourage such ceremonies to reduce social evils and stigmas,” Ali said.
Chairman of Council of Jammu and Kashmir, Musadiq Hussain said: “All the couples have 30-40 persons along with them for the reception of the groom and bride. We are not taking any money or fee from the couples for their marriage but we have some volunteers whom couples are offering Rs 500 or Rs 1000, but that is not a fee or anything.”



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