Indira’s birth anniversary

Mir urges secular forces to unite against communalism

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Srinagar, Nov 19:

J&K Pradesh Congress Committee (JKPCC) President G.A. Mir accused BJP, RSS of vitiating the atmosphere of harmony and brotherhood in the country for power. He said this is the appropriate time for secular, right-thinking people to defeat the designs of communal and fascist forces.
G A Mir was speaking at a function organized to commemorate 101 Birth anniversary of former Prime Minister Indira Gandhi at Party headquarters Srinagar on Monday, attended by Congress Party functionaries. Mir emphasized the Party cadres to defeat “the designs of the Saffron Party, which is hell-bent upon to divide people into religious and regional lines to serve its dirty political ends.”
Mir while paying floral tributes to Indira Gandhi expressed serious concern over “the rising intolerance under BJP rule.” Mir said the secular identity of the country is in danger under the BJP regime and time has come when all the right-thinking, secular people should rise to the occasion to defeat the communal and fascist agenda of Saffron Party, which can go to any extent for the sake of power.
Taking the opportunity of Birth anniversary of Indira Gandhi G.A. Mir reiterated his appeal to people to rise to the occasion to defeat “the conspiracies being hatched by the BJP to divide people for electoral gains.”
Recalling the services and sacrifices of Indira Gandhi, Mir said, “The nation has lost a strong and a great leader in the assassination of Indira Ji.”
“Popularly known as Iron Lady, she never compromised on the sovereignty of the country, fought against all internal and external elements posing threat to the nation,” he said.
The contribution made by her in Nation building will always be remembered, leading the people of all shades at the path of peace, development and harmony, G. A. Mir added. He said the best way to pay homage to Indra is to strengthen the bonds of unity, harmony and brotherhood in the country, besides fighting against the forces, which are hell-bent upon to divide the people on caste, region and religious lines.


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