NC lashes out at govt forces for ‘unleashing bloodbath’ at Sirnoo Pulwama

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NC lashes out at govt forces for ‘unleashing bloodbath’ at Sirnoo Pulwama

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Jammu and Kashmir National Conference on Sunday expressed dismay over the impunity and contempt with which the seven civilians were killed at Sirnoo village of Pulwama on Saturday.

In a statement issued from party headquarters Nawa-e-Subah, Srinagar south zone president Dr. Bashir Ahmad Veeri castigated the security forces for “unleashing bloodbath in Sirnoo village.”

“The violence and killing spree has engulfed the valley. Along with civilians, three militants and security personnel were also killed. What is adding salt to the wounds is the shocking cold response of incumbent BJP government towards it. The central government has shut its eyes and ears to the brazen human rights violations in valley,” he said.

Veeri said the theater of death and destruction that was orchestrated in the Sirnoo hamlet of Pulwama will go down the history but the bereaved families will have to live with the pain throughout their lives.

“Killing of unarmed civilians mostly youngsters has deeply shaken the whole valley. It is horrendous and heart wrenching to ascertain the disdain with which our youth are being devoured upon,” he said.


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