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Police conducts fresh profiling of protected persons, PSOs

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Police conducts fresh profiling of protected persons, PSOs

Javid Ahmad

Srinagar, Jan 11:

 In bid to prevent weapon loot by militants in Valley, police is conducting fresh profiling of protected persons and their Personal Security Officers (PSOs) and surprise checks to ensure security guards are on duty.
According to witnesses, policemen recently visited government flats at Chanpora-Natipora in Srinagar and sought allotment letters from tenants, their personal information and professional details.
“The policemen, who recorded the profile of tenants, also inquired whether any tenant residing in the flats was protected with PSOs,” they said.
Many protected persons including politicians are residing in government accommodations in Srinagar.
Police is conducting surprise checks and guard count of protected persons to ensure that their PSOs are on duty and their weapons not abandoned.
On January 3, a police party led by SDPO of police station Nehru Park conducted a surprise visit at the residence of BJP spokesperson, Altaf Thakur.
The police team found Thakur’s PSOs absent and seized their weapons.
Additional Director General of Police (ADGP) Law and Order and Security Munir Ahmad Khan confirmed that police was conducting profiling of protected persons and their PSOs.
“We should know the areas they (protected persons/ PSOs) are residing in and vulnerability of that area. This can be possible through profiling only,” Khan told Rising Kashmir.
The exercise comes in the aftermath of recent weapon looting incidents from protected persons in Srinagar.
On December 30, four AK rifles were looted by unidentified men from residence of Congress leader Muhammad Muzaffar Parray at J-37 Government Quarters in high security Jawahar Nagar area, here.
During investigations, police came to know that only one PSO of Parray was on duty while three others were on unauthorised leave. Subsequently, all the four PSOs were dismissed from service and police is investigating the case.
Khan said police has got some “very good clues” and “the investigation is going on.”
As per the procedure, the PSOs of protected persons can’t store their weapons at the residence of protected persons when going on leave.
According to a senior police officer supervising the security of protected persons, the PSOs have to hand over their weapons to a nearby police station/ police lines before going on leave issued by competent authority of police.
He said the protected persons are not authorised to grant leave to his PSOs and if any PSO is found negligent, he is liable to be dismissed from the police service.
The PSOs of protected persons, according to the police officer, can go on leave only after following proper procedure by seeking leave permission from competent officers and not from the protected person.
On September 5 last, Special Police officer (SPO) Adil Bashir looted seven rifles of his colleagues who served as PSOs of former PDP legislator Aijaz Mir at Jawahar Nagar area.
The incident prompted police to remove SPOs from the security duty of protected persons in the Valley.
Adil later joined militant ranks and his picture surfaced on social media. However, in case of weapon loot from Congress leader’s residence, no picture has surfaced on social media.



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