Rural health care

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Rural health care

Hospitals functioning in rural parts of the state lack basic infrastructure and the staff which is badly impacting the patient care. District level hospitals and trauma hospitals are deficient in both staff and equipment. Some of the hospitals lack blood banks, while construction work on many others has over-run for years due to the paucity of funds. Even hospitals within Srinagar city limits lack the staff and equipment due to which people are forced to visit private clinics for treatment. State government has miserably failed to improve the condition of the hospitals and the staff is more interested in minting money through private practice. Due to the poor infrastructure and deficient staff, mortality rate in the hospitals remains high. The state fares badly on the health indicators including the infant and maternal mortality rates. The absence of equipment in the hospitals like CT scan and MRI machines has left patients in dire condition. It has been the utter neglect of this vital sector which has led to medical malpractices. The doctors remain mostly absent from duties in government hospitals which have been left to be run by junior staff. The hospitals, especially in rural areas are made to operate with less staff due to which patients are not attended properly.  Most of the hospitals in rural parts of the state are deficient both in the strength of the medicos and the paramedical staff. Making available the proper healthcare facilities should have been the priority of the government, which has however chosen to ignore this vital sector. The government should make it a priority to upgrade health care facilities particularly in the rural parts of the state, so that the burden on the city hospitals is lessened. In case the facilities are made available to the people in the hospitals in the rural areas, precious time in shifting the critical care patients to city hospitals could be saved which could in turn save precious lives. It has often been seen that the conditions of critical care patients aggravate while being ferried to the hospital. There ought to be a maternity hospital in every district. It has also come to light that patients are referred to city hospitals as a last-ditch effort to avert handling medical emergencies. There is little hope for such patients once they are received at any premier hospital in the city as unnecessary delay worsens their condition. The government needs to put the rural health care under spotlight and work for its improvement.  


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