Traffic mess

Published at October 31, 2018 12:36 AM 0Comment(s)4023views

Traffic mess

Dear Editor,

Regarding the traffic diversion plan and the mess in the city, we often blame authorities for everything. Everyday thousands of people violate traffic rules and go about it as if they have done nothing. People do not know how to drive when there is traffic on road, yet they blame roads, traffic police, barriers, footpaths, etc. If a survey is done in Srinagar city, 80 percent of the divers will be found as driving recklessly, changing lanes everywhere, parking at wrong places, trying to sneak in where it is impossible. Traffic authorities are not to be blamed for the mess in the city. Every driver in Kashmir has to be sent to a driving school and put in its nursery class to learn about driving while there is traffic. People have bought cars and drive like they own the roads but they have not a penny’s worth civility, decency and courtesy. That is what is causing traffic jams. Government must put scanners in the city and revoke permits and licenses of drivers who repeatedly try to show they are some super heroes on road.   

Showkat Bhat


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