Wine shop major cause of traffic jam at Indra Nagar, Sonwar

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Wine shop major cause of traffic jam at Indra Nagar, Sonwar

Musaib Mehraj

Srinagar, Oct 14:

There seems to be no relief to the commuters travelling from Sonwar to Badamibagh Cantonment stretch who often complain of persistent traffic mess in the area due to roadside parking outside the wine shop in Indra Nagar and Sonwar market. From Sonwar to Indra Nagar traffic remains stranded for hours due to wrong roadside parking near the notorious wine shop in the area. People, mostly non locals are seen standing in long queues waiting outside the wine shop that affects the traffic flow much to the commuters’ inconvenience.
However, the commuters alleged that instead of taking action against the drunkards, the authorities are offering them security outside the wine shop.
Government has constructed the divider in Sonwar to streamline the traffic, but commuters alleged that the traffic cops deployed there themselves violate the norms.
“After the divider was constructed, there was no permission of parking outside the shops, but traffic cops are taking bribe from those shopkeepers and are allowing parking thereby diverting the traffic on one side only that results in massive traffic jam and ultimately makes commuters to suffer,” said Javid Ahmad, a commuter.
The traffic cops do not bother to streamline the traffic mess caused by the drunkards who usually park their cars on the road outside the wine shop in Indra Nagar.
“The G B Pant Hospital is near to the hospital but the authorities are least bothered to overcome the issue. There are fewer cops deployed in the said area,” Javid said.
Sheikh Tariq, another commuter and a resident of Pantha Chowk said the situation keeps on getting worse each day, “One has to wait for hours to get the traffic cleared,” he said.
“This Saturday was no different when I was returning home. I got stuck in traffic jam from 7 PM for almost an hour and reached home at 9.30 PM,” Tariq added.


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