Work culture

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Work culture

Work culture continues to smudge the government following tardy efforts by it to bring a good change in its myriad offices. In winter months, the inactivity in government offices, particularly in Kashmir, witnesses a surge as officials from lower-rung junior level to senior officers either remain absent or even if present do not attend to their duties for the entire official hours period. As a result, a question mark is posed on the proper functioning of many offices. The rural areas remain the worst hit in this respect where officials, particularly those hailing from urban or far off areas, are averse to attend the work. In many offices, the official timings remain only on paper as employees come and leave as per their convenience. The work culture is worsened in situations like when the secretariat is at Jammu as there are lesser chances of ministers and senior officers dropping in for surprise inspections. Bunking work is also a common phenomenon. At some places, officials often remain absent and go unpunished in the absence of surprise inspections. A casual visit to some of the government offices and one can find lethargy among the public servants. If somebody has the bad luck of having a case pending with such an office, he/she gets a cold shoulder. In winters, the functioning in some offices also seems to freeze.  The issue seems too light for the state government to take serious note of. Claiming to ensure accountability in governance, the government takes no steps to ensure the same. Inspecting an odd office and announcing suspension of absent officials doesn’t rectify the system which is plagued with irresponsible work culture. Serious efforts should be made by the government to hold the public servants accountable. Taking strong action against the erring officials can also be used as a deterrent for the rest. The heads of respective departments have the responsibility of enforcing discipline among the subordinates by setting a personal example. Heads of departments need to lead by example as far as work ethics is concerned. A strong sense of responsibility affects how an employee works and the amount of work she does. When the employee feels personally responsible for his job performance, he shows up on time, puts in his best effort and completes projects to the best of his ability. Some employees do only the bare minimum, just enough to keep their job intact. Government must install foolproof biometric system to monitor the attendance of employees and take action against the erring officials.


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