Over 2 lakh suffer from diabetes in Kashmir: Study

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Changing lifestyle, Junk food, no exercise main causes: Dr Masoodi 
Over 2 lakh suffer from diabetes in Kashmir: Study

Junaid Kathju Srinagar, Nov 06: There has been an increase in the number of people with diabetes as over two lakh Kashmiris are suffering from the disease in the region, a recent study by prominent valley based doctors revealed Wednesday. Noted Endocrinologist, Dr. Shariq Masoodi said that the studies have shown that Kashmir has more than two lakh diabetics in Kashmir and the number is increasing every day. He said that there are 371 million people all over world that are suffering from diabetes and 471 billion USD where spent on healthcare for diabetes. He said that in every eight second one patient of diabetics in the world dies and two new cases emerge. Notably in order to discuss the magnitude of the problem and evolve strategies to combat diabetes menace, an awareness camp was organized by Gillan Foundation on Wednesday afternoon at Islamia College of Science and Commerce. Reputed doctors from across the valley participated in the program to discuss preventive mechanisms to reduce the impact of this evolving epidemic of diabetes and its complications. Dr Masoodi said that the number of diabetic cases has increased abruptly in the Valley with experts believing that 8 per cent of the Kashmir’s population could be declared as being pre-diabetic. “The disturbing pattern is that prevalence of diabetes is now also seen among the younger generation and teens in Kashmir,” he said. He said that half of the people suffering from the disease are not even aware of it. “As per the survey that we conducted four people out of ten above the age of 40 years don’t know that they have the disease. Similarly, in age group of 20 to 25 years, nine people out of ten are unaware for the disease,” he said. Dr. Masoodi said that most of the people in valley who come to us for the treatment don’t have a clue that they are suffering from diabetes. It is only after we ask them to carry certain tests they realize that they are suffering from the disease. Holding lifestyle changes as mainly responsible for rapid spread of Diabetes Dr Masoodi said environmental changes, increase of junk food and less curricular activities are the main reasons that the people are becoming more prone to the disease. “Obesity is the main reason today that people are suffering from diabetes. Over dosage of food and less physical work has been the main ingredient in the increment of the disease,” Masoodi said. Noted legal luminary, Justice Bashir Ahmad Kirmani (Retired) was the chief guest on the occasion. He said that there is severe need of changing the lifestyle of a person to combat the disease. “I was shocked to hear that in every eight seconds one diabetic patient dies, it is more dangerous than a nuclear bomb,” Kirmani said. Emphasizing on the quality of medicines, Kirmani said that fake medicines in market are the serious problem that needs to be catered. “No matter how proficient a doctor is if there is a fake medicine in the market all the efforts of a doctor would go in vain,” Kirmani said. Kirmani suggested that the state government should come up with policy of providing the subsidies medicine for the patients suffering from the diabetes. Kirmani said that the doctors in Kashmir are by no means lesser than anyone but there is need of upliftment of infrastructure in the hospitals. Dr. Bashir Ahmad, Dr. Syed Asif Hussain, Professor Mohammad Zaman were other prominent figures who also expressed their views on the occasion. The organiser the event Dr Nisar Gilani appreciated the role of the doctors for carrying out the research. “This will certainly give boost in understanding the magnititude of the problem,” Dr. Gilani said.

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