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Guidelines for contributing Opinion and Viewpoint articles to Rising Kashmir


Dear Author/Contributor,

Welcome to the Op-Ed Section, Rising Kashmir


Before sending your Article/Column to editpage@risingkashmir.com please check our Guidelines. Due to a large number of emails received and limited space on our newspaper, your write-out may take few days for publishing. We accept and publish articles on all issues but articles on current affairs with timeliness are considered first. If everything is alright with the Article according to our Guidelines and it is not published in over a week do contact us on editpage@risingkashmir.com inquiring about the status. Keep writing.


Best Wishes

Rising Kashmir

Op-Ed Section    



How to Contribute: For publication, Articles must be sent on official email, which is editpage@risingkashmir.com. The subject of the mail must contain the text ‘Article for Publication’.  

Format: Article to be contributed must have clear text formatting with paragraphs well-marked. The document must be in popular word processing software like Microsoft Office or Rich Text Format. Article text pasted in the body of Email will also be accepted but with proper formatting rules applied prior to sending. An attachment of the Article must be provided if the Article text is pasted in the body mail.

Word Length: The article word limit must be minimum 750 words and maximum 1200 words. Articles with text more than 1200 words will be considered with abridged version published in the newspaper and full text published on Rising Kashmir’s official website. To meet the space requirements articles may be edited to make them fit the space, which is the given word limit (750-1200 words). While editing a Precise Version may be published retaining the most essential information and opinions/view and removing redundant/unimportant details.

Headlines & Subheads: Headline and subhead will be the prerogative of the Op-Ed EditorsThe headline may not be changed provided it justifies and substantiates the opinions/views and factual information in the body of the article. Additional subhead may be used if there is any such need felt by the editors. The headline must not exceed 20 words. Subheads must not exceed 25 words.  

Factual Inaccuracies: All factual corrections and checks must be done by the contributing author’s prior to sending it to Rising Kashmir. Op-Ed editors may edit the article information for factual corrections, if found in the text.

Language/Slander/Libel: Article containing slander or written in inappropriate language deemed by editors as not fit for the readers will not be accepted/published. Any expression, phrase or text [if it is a minor part in the text] as such will be removed in case such an article is published.

Author Details: Author must provide the full name to be used as Byline. The Byline must be put after Headline and Subhead and before the body text. A thumbnail image in acceptable formats like JPEG, Bitmap, PSD, must be sent along with the article text. At the bottom of the Article must be provided the Credits mentioning the Author’s expertise, experience or occupation. A mailing address (Email) for feedback must also be provided.    

Frequency: Only one article in a week will be considered for publication.  






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