SMC sounds fake birth certificate alert

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60 cases registered by Crime Branch in 3 months

Imran Muzaffar Srinagar, Sep 15: Cases of fake birth certificates used for official purposes is increasing in Kashmir with around 60 cases registered in the State Crime Brach department in last three months. The cases were first identified by Registrar Births and Deaths, Srinagar Municipal Corporation, and then transferred to the Crime Branch. Several of them have also been directed to the Court for speedy disposal. Increase in the crime has alarmed government functionaries and some are issuing public circulars in local newspapers to prevent the departments from accepting fake certificates. “It is for the information of general public, government, semi-government, private and other institutions of the state that some unscrupulous elements are getting fraud birth certificates prepared by scanning some old certificates and making changes to the same,” reads a public notice issued on Sunday by SMC in local dailies. “It is impressed upon all institutional heads, officers to check the authenticity of the certificates on the official website They are also requested to inform the undersigned about any fraud certificate detected by them.” Officials said concerned government functionaries are detecting fake birth certificates and cases are registered forthwith. “Whenever we detect any fake certificate, an FIR (First Information Report) is registered,” said SMC’s Registrar of Births and Deaths, Dr Rubeena Shaheen. “We forward the cases to Crime Branch and in some instances to court.” Dr Rubeena said production of fake birth certificates is a large nexus involving both locals as well as non-locals. “Over three months, we have detected around 60 such certificates which had been faked,” she said. “They usually fake date of birth, names, parentage and addresses.” In the past, Crime Branch has registered various cases against government officials for producing fake birth certificates for promotion purposes. Following the complaints, it has also cracked whip on departments for overlooking fake birth certificates of employees. Two years ago, the State Government indicted some top police officers for forging their date of birth records with one IPS-rank officer being sacked. The issue of fake birth certificates came to limelight once again last year after local media reported that some non-locals were getting the document in connivance with government officials. “Among the 60 cases were have detected, few were non-locals,” Dr Rubeena said. “The crime is increasing alarmingly.”

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