‘Tainted politicians should be made accountable’

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Rising Kashmir News Srinagar, Sep 26: PDP’s  District President Budgam, Advocate  Saif ud din Bhat  today condemned  the revelations of ex-Army chief about some ministers having  received the funding from different agencies. Bhat said that in 2008 Assembly elections, we had raised the issue that some politicians, ex- ministers, and MLAs were being supported by Indian Army and other agencies. These ministers and MALs are answerable and accountable before the people of Kashmir and they need to be brought before the law. “The third front conspiracy by some politicians and MLAs is not the solution of Kashmir problem.  They are not related with the Kashmiriat and the mass movement of Kashmir. The agencies are playing their own games in Kashmir. There is a need to identify the elements and persons who are involved in this game which has polluted and defamed the Indian democratic setup before the international community,” Bhat said. Bhat in his statement warned these forces and said that in future this type of practice will not be allowed. MLAs and politicians involved in this game should resign from their portfolios and regret for their unlawful acts, Bhat said.

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