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Bandipora admin cracks down on illegal mining
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Bandipora admin cracks down on illegal mining

‘46 vehicles seized, Rs 7 lakh fine imposed in May’

Post by Shafat Malik on Thursday, June 8, 2023

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Bandipora, June 07: The Geology and Mining Department in Bandipora district cracked down against illegal mining, extraction and transportation of raw materials last month, which resulted in the seizure of 46 vehicles and a fine amounting to 7 lakh rupees.
An official told Rising Kashmir that the crackdown was a proactive measure taken by the department to address the rampant issue of illegal mining and mineral extraction across various regions in this north Kashmir district.
In an effort to curtail these unlawful activities, the Geology and Mining Department, led by the District Mineral Officer, conducted targeted raids in locations such as Gamroo, Lankreshipora, Kulhama, Saderkoot, and other parts of the district known for such violations, he said.
Expressing the administration's commitment to combating this issue District Mineral Officer Bandipora, Mumtaz Ahmad told Rising Kashmir that throughout the month of May, the department levied fines totaling Rs 7 lakh for various offenses related to illegal mining and transportation.
He said the operations were conducted during days as well as nights, ensuring thorough surveillance of mining activities. Such stringent measures aim to deter offenders and protect the district's valuable resources, he said.
The district administration has also taken a proactive step by registering one FIR against those involved in illegal mining activities, signaling its determination to enforce the law strictly, he added.
To further enhance their efforts, the authorities have implemented strategies to dismantle the infrastructure used by violators, the District Mineral Officer (DMO) said adding that ramps used by trippers to access Arin Nallah embankments for loading bajri have been disconnected, only to be rebuilt overnight.
He said the department plans to collaborate with the Flood Control Department to devise comprehensive solutions to this persistent challenge.
The officer affirmed that the entire team is vigilant and committed to closely monitoring any signs of illegal mining within the district. He warned of strict action against violators in accordance with the established rules and regulations.

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