DC Rajouri inaugurates Flospan Food Store- an Innovative Solution for Food Grain Storage Challenges
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DC Rajouri inaugurates Flospan Food Store- an Innovative Solution for Food Grain Storage Challenges

Post by RK Online Desk on Friday, December 8, 2023

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 In a significant step towards addressing the pressing issue of limited food grain storage space, Deputy Commissioner Rajouri, Vikas Kundal, inaugurated the Flospan Food Store here today.

It is pertinent to mention here that the scarcity of covered storage facilities for food grains has been a growing concern for both the Government and farmers in India, particularly given the year-on-year accumulation of surplus grains under the Central Pool and during the Rabi and Kharif harvesting seasons. This situation has necessitated the utilization of open storage or Cover and Plinth (CAP) techniques, which expose the grains to significant risks such as adverse climatic conditions and pest and rodent infestations, rendering them unfit for human consumption. Unfortunately, these challenges have had a detrimental impact on farmers, leading to substantial post-harvest losses and reduced income.

Recognizing the urgency to address this critical challenge, the World Food Programme (WFP) India has been actively exploring innovative solutions to increase storage capacities for state governments. Leveraging its vast experience as the world's largest humanitarian organization and a leader in logistics and supply chain management for the UN system, the WFP has introduced the concept of Mobile Storage Units (MSUs) as temporary warehouses for food grain storage.

The Flospan Food Store is a state-of-the-art storage facility that utilizes mobile storage units to provide a reliable and secure storage solution for food grains. Developed and deployed by the WFP worldwide, these MSUs have proven their effectiveness in serving as temporary warehouses for the procurement and distribution of food to vulnerable and food-insecure households across the globe. By leveraging the expertise and experience of the WFP, this pioneering initiative will contribute to enhancing food security and ensuring the availability of quality food grains for consumption.

Speaking at the inauguration ceremony, the DC highlighted the significance of the Flospan Food Store in addressing the storage challenges faced by farmers, procurement agencies and state governments. He emphasized the need for innovative approaches to mitigate post-harvest losses and secure the livelihoods of farmers.

The Deputy Commissioner also acknowledged the efforts of all stakeholders involved in the development and implementation of the Flospan Food Store.

The utilization of the Flospan Food Store will enable farmers and procurement agencies to store food grains in a controlled and protected environment, reducing the risks associated with adverse climatic conditions, pest infestations, and rodent damage.

The inauguration of the Flospan Food Store signifies a significant step forward in the quest to overcome the limited storage space for food grains in India. It is an embodiment of the commitment of the Government to supporting farmers and ensuring food security for all. The innovative Mobile Storage Units bring a ray of hope to countless farmers and communities, promising reduced post-harvest losses and increased income opportunities.

The inaugural event was attended by Assistant Director FCS&CA, Abdul Rahim and other officials of the FCS&CA Department.

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