SKUAST scientists introduce animal feed supplements
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SKUAST scientists introduce animal feed supplements

Post by Syeda Rafiyah on Saturday, December 9, 2023

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Srinagar, Dec 08: To meet the nutritional needs of livestock of the region, scientists from the Division of Animal Nutrition, SKUAST-K have introduced research-based animal feed for the sheep and cow and asked the farmers to avail the benefit.
This feed has been formulated keeping in mind the specific needs of sheep and cattle of different age groups. This will encourage milk and meat production, and improve the profits from animal rearing.
Dr. Parvaiz Ahmed Reshi, Assistant Professor (Animal Nutrition) and Director KashVet Innovations Pvt Limited (KIPL), a Faculty Startup under the incubation of SKIIE Centre of SKUAST-K said the Agriculture University has come up with some of the best products that would be available at affordable rates to farmers.
He said the products will help farmers to get optimum milk, meat, fertility and therefore profitability from animal rearing. Faculty innovators of the varsity have been successful in formulating region-specific products based on their studies in the region.         
“We want to ensure that the products and the research done at the university should reach the farmers and so that they can take the benefits of the farmer,” he said.
Dr Parvaiz said that cow and sheep are the major two species in which youth are involved as entrepreneurs. “The feed meant for cows and sheep are two different foods. Balanced diet is very important for livestock. We have made separate feeds for both,” he said.
He said the two feeds include KashVet Cattleand KashVet sheep feed under the banner of the company running under the aegis of SKUAST-Kashmir. “Kashvet sheep feed has two types: One Kashvet creep feed meant for lamb for their growth and another for adults to raise the sheep. We have also made Kashmin-S and Kashmin-plus mineral supplements for Sheep and cattle respectively, which are presently the best in the region,” he said.
Dr Parvaiz said that the farmers can freely take the feeds and supplements for their livestock. “We have received calls from many farmers who had already stored maize to be used as feed in winter. However, we have told them to give it to us  and they can take the new feeds from us,” he said.
Dr Parvaiz said that the offer of the feed is meant for the farmers. “It will be given to the farmers at affordable rates and prices would be the same in all SKUAST-K units and at registered dealers,” he added.
They have also formulated Sheep Boost, providing a mineral boost for sheep and Dairyboost for cattle. Those interested should reach out to us to avail of this opportunity.
Geographically Kashmir is different from the rest of the country so is its soil type, vegetation and mineral composition. The grasses, fodders, straws and agro-industrial byproducts available from such soils are therefore having a different composition of these micronutrients (minerals).

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