Suresh Kumar reviews functioning of district Library at Doda
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Suresh Kumar reviews functioning of district Library at Doda

Post by RK Online Desk on Monday, February 26, 2024

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Principal Secretary Culture, Suresh Kumar Gupta, today visited District Library here and reviewed the functioning of this vast repository of literature facilitating the readers fraternity in the district.

He was accompanied by Deputy Commissioner and other departmental officials.

During the visit, the Principal Secretary assessed the facilities being provided to the visitors, particularly the student community. He inspected various sections of the library, including the reading rooms, senior citizen section, students and children section. He emphasized the importance of proper preservation and maintenance of the library's historic manuscripts.

The Deputy Commissioner briefed the Principal Secretary about the extensive collection available in the district library, informing that over 50,000 books covering a wide range of subjects including materials for civil service examinations, JEE and NEET are present in the repository.