Tariq Bhat’s ‘Welcome to Kashmir’ to release in Jammu PVR on June 9
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Tariq Bhat’s ‘Welcome to Kashmir’ to release in Jammu PVR on June 9

Post by RK News on Wednesday, June 7, 2023

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Jammu, June 06: Kashmir-based Bollywood director Tariq Bhat’s “Welcome to Kashmir”, which was released successfully in Inox Cinema Srinagar and got a huge response, will now be released in Jammu PVR on June 9.
Bhat made the first-ever Kashmiri film to be released in Kashmir’s cinema. He has previously directed his debut movie “Zindagi Tumse” (2019).
"Welcome to Kashmir" is about women's empowerment, women's safety, and the real image of the people and brave police force of J&K (UT), the filmmaker said.
This is a story of a brave girl “Naina Kaul” whose life is dedicated to women empowerment and fighting for their justice. “Her passion is to visit every girl’s school and college in our country and motivate the girls through her speeches and give them safety tips. She always believes that women are stronger than men, but because of her give-up nature she always becomes a victim,” he said.
“This movie also puts light on drugs and fake babas who hypnotize some of J&K youth and make them drug addicts. The film deals with women's safety, and drug addiction in the youth of Jammu and Kashmir and also shows the good point of view of Jammu and Kashmir and bravery of J&K Police,” Bhat said.
The Director believes that with this entertaining approach, we can connect to Jammu and Kashmir youth as well as the entire world. This is the first film that made it possible for us to promote Jammu and Kashmir artists throughout the world, he said.
“Through this movie, we’re taking an initiative to build our own Jammu and Kashmiri film industry, which will encourage our Jammu and Kashmir youth to take part in the entertainment industry and divert them from taking part in any illegal activities,” he said.